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Dr. James D. Athing, D.C., started this practice in 1979 over by the Co-op. At that time, services included massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic. Dr. Jim worked with others over the years introducing many people to the concept of 'wellness'. After he retired in September 2012, he brought in 2 physical therapists to add to the team of natural health providers.

No matter the type of service that each of us offers, we encourage our clients to be active participants in their own health care. We believe that each of us can become healthier through proper diet, sufficient exercise, stress management, improved relationships, etc.

The old medical model is very passive: 'Live your life however you want and when you are ill go to the doctor to get fixed'. Wellness care recognizes the need to seek appropriate care when ill, but empowers us to take action to enhance our health no matter where we are on the health/disease continuum.

We are committed to help you along your own health journey and consider ourselves to not only be natural care service providers but teachers as well. Your questions about ways to improve your lifestyle are always welcome. We know through our own experiences that change is never easy; there are detours and pitfalls. We are here to offer our expertise in a safe, supportive environment to help you attain whatever goals or aspirations you may have.

Dr. Jim still owns the building so he will often be seen taking care of the landscape or other projects. He is proud to have brought together such a talented group of individuals to continue to work with the values he established in 1979.

We have been operating for years without an official office name. Most people knew us as working in Dr. Athing's office. So our new name 'Arcata Wellness Center' reflects the transition to a group of independent therapists united by a desire to help people who are committed to helping themselves.

Arcata Wellness Center