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  • Opened Arcata's first chiropractic, massage and acupuncture office in 1979.
  • Offers safe, comfortable adjustments of the spine and extremities.
  • Specializes in Myofascial Release Therapy for breaking up muscle adhesions/knots.
  • Uses McKenzie home exercises combined with hands-on chiropractic care, especially for sciatica and arm pain.
  • Works gently with those who want/need it and offers deeper work for others, especially athletes.
  • Teaches two classes of yoga per week at the Community Yoga Center.

 Read Dr. Athing's monograph about chiropractic and spinal hygiene (PDF).

Twenty-Three consecutive years of playing rugby and/or football, four orthopedic surgeries, and numerous joint "procedures" had left me asymmetrical and in frequent pain. Dr. Athing has been a godsend, working me through periods of acute distress, new injury and finally to home-based treatment plans that render me pain free. I truly cannot imagine what the last fifteen years would have been like without his expertise, treatment and consultation.
- Chris Byrne, Principal, Rio Dell School District
I found Dr. Athing after receiving treatment from three other Chiropractors that were entirely ineffective. At the time, I was taking 800mg of Ibuprofen for my neck pain, just to get out of bed. The difference between Dr. Athings more holistic approach and the other chiropractors was immediately apparent at my first treatment. His adjustments are gentle, not crunching, and he incorporates a lot of soft tissue work which feels great and is complimentary to the adjustments. The biggest difference between other chiropractors and Dr. Athing's treatment approach is that he empowered me to a part of the treatment program. He showed me strengthening exercises and stretches for my neck which were really helpful. Even though I had asked other chiropractors for exercises, none were ever given and it was only suggested that I keep coming back for further adjustments. Dr. Athing made it clear to me that we would be working together in my recovery and his interest in my heath went way beyond just chiropractic. I know when I see Dr. Athing that he genuinely wants me to feel better and is not just interested in making money. It's now 10 years since my injury, I am living pain free and it is because of Jim Athing.
- MJ Mazurek, Manila
Before coming to see Dr. Athing, I had been to two other chiropractors and physical therapy without any progress with my back pain. Now not only is my back pain manageable but with the stretches and exercises he has shown me, the pain is going away and my back is stronger, and my visits are few and far between. Dr Athing listens and truly cares about my pain and treats me like an individual, not just another patient. Thank you Dr. Athing!!
- Tim Olson, Spanish Teacher, Arcata
After my accident i was in real trouble with my back, neck and shoulders. Dr. Athing was a pivitol part of my healing journey. Dr. Athing's warmth and kindness made me feel at ease during his gentle adjustments and, although the work with soft tissue was difficult, the results were quite dramatic! He taught me exercises and postures that helped me find deeper wellness than I had even prior to the accident. This helped empower me to heal myself and continue deeper into true wellness. I am deeply grateful for his healing gifts!
- Sonja Boynton, Kneeland

Athing Wellness CenterPhone: 707.822.7419