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Phone: 707-826-9126
Email: carlisle@douglas.net

Carlisle Douglas, MA, INHC, CMT, offers health support services to live a happy, healthy life in the one body that you got. She combines her knowledge as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with her 20+ years of experience as a Certified Massage Therapist to meet each client where they are in their health journey. Carlisle specializes in teaching how to make gentle lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes and how to successfully adopt new health habits to last a lifetime.

Guided self-massage/relaxation sessions can be scheduled online from anywhere in the world, one-on-one or in a group. Carlisle offers in-person massage therapy in Arcata that addresses injury recovery, chronic pain/illness management, stress reduction, emotional healing and proactive health maintenance. Whether the moment calls for smooth flowing Swedish massage to more fully relax and let go of physical and emotional holding, deep tissue massage to dissolve specific areas of pain and tension, or myofascial stretching to unwind the body's connective tissue, Carlisle is conscious to be present, nurturing and responsive to individual needs.

Mentoring sessions for other bodyworkers/health coaches to enhance techniques or build business skills can be arranged. To contact Carlisle, email carlisle@douglas.net or text/call 707-826-9126.

I feel like I owe my life to Carlisle. After years of struggling, she introduced me to a way of eating that completely rearranged what I had thought was "healthy." I immediately felt better and could start taking long walks. Carlisle coaxed me to trust in eating more food, and especially more fat, in order to heal my metabolism. I started enjoying full plates of delicious food, sleeping better than ever, and suddenly I was losing lots of weight. (Carlisle calls weight loss a "happy side effect" but never the goal.) Over the course of a year, my doctor tapered me off my medications for blood pressure and blood sugar.
With Carlisle, I never get the feeling that I'm receiving a pre-planned massage. She has the ability to find tense or knotted areas during the massage, and then focus on dispersing the tension. She is not married to one particular practice or routine, but seems to know just the technique to use for each area on which she is working. Carlisle's sensitivity and humanity combine with her professionalism and work ethic to provide a relaxing and therapeutic massage.
I have been to a lot of bodyworkers and the amazing thing about Carlisle is that she has a knowledge base and preciseness like a physical therapist and at the same time she works on such a spiritual level. When I leave I feel that my very soul has been touched.